We hope you will consider joining Granito de Arena as a member. Membership is entirely free and entails no obligation. What membership does is provide members with the opportunity to share information about the organizations and causes that they care about.

Members may do so by:

  • ENTITY REGISTRATION. Our members are encouraged to register entities which are promoting the common good in the Dominican Republic, whether they be non-profit organizations, corporations, international entities, community groups, educational institutions or religious groups. Our members provide this valuable tool – offering information about and promoting transparency in entities that merit our attention. Once an entity has been approved by Granito de Arena, a member may also submit Events, Classified Ads and Member Comments.
  • EVENTS. Information regarding upcoming events and activities of the entities featured in our website are posted in our Calendar. The submission of information for the Calendar by members helps us all provide timely, meaningful support to the organizations and causes that we care about.
  • CLASSIFIEDS. Granito de Arena’s Classifieds provide information regarding the wants and offerings of the entities included in our website. A classified ad might reflect a non-profit organization’s need for volunteers, an orphanage’s request for specific donations, a university’s provision of a scholarship program, or an international organization’s offer of a grant. Members are invited to submit listings for Classifieds, which greatly aids the effort to foster connections between those seeking and those offering assistance.
  • MEMBER COMMENTS. On the Directory page of every entity included in Granito de Arena’s website is a box asking for Member Comments. This is the place where our members may share constructive information regarding their personal experiences with the entity and its programs, whether as a volunteer, donor, visitor, etc. We are all enriched and enlightened by the provision of such first-hand information.
  • EDIT PREVIOUS SUBMISSIONS. To keep all of the information on the website up-to-date and accurate, our members are asked to let us know if anything has changed or if they would like to add/delete any information they provided in a previous submission.