Cámara Americana de Comercio de la República Dominicana (AMCHAMDR)

The American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic) (AMCHAMDR) (La Cámara Americana de Comercio de la República Dominicana) is a non-profit organization comprised of 2,100 companies, both Dominican and American, that seeks to empower its members to maximize the development of their potential based on three pillars – economic, professional and social – through the facilitation of access to information, opportunities, a best practices culture, respect for the rule of law and corporate social responsibility.

AMCHAMDR is the only institution of its kind with a true presence at the national level through 9 offices throughout the country: Santiago, Moca, San Francisco, La Vega, Puerto Plata, San Pedro, La Romana, Higüey y Baní.

The activities organized by AMCHAMDR are specifically designed to keep its members informed of the most important business world trends, both nationally and internationally. Through its offering of services it strives to, in addition, offer them concrete solutions and opportunities for business and professional growth that succeed in having a positive impact on the economic development of their companies and, as a consequence, of the country.

General Information

The Team

Management Team:

William M. Malamud – Executive Vice President
Liliana Cruz R – Manager CSR– lcruz@amcham.org.do
Gustavo Mejía Ricart – Manager Business and Investment
Oriana Ventura – Manager Membership and Customer Service
Benito Adames – Manager Finances
Ramón Batista – Manager Technology

Board Members:

Gustavo Tavares Kelner President
David Fernández Vicepresident
Roberto Herrera Vicepresident
Ramón Ortega Treasurer
Ricardo Pérez Secretary
Maximo R. Vidal Past President
Edwin de los Santos Director
Eduardo Cruz Director
Franklin Leon Director
Mary Fernández Director
Francesca Rainieri Director
Mercedes Ramos Director
Maria Waleska Alvarez Director
Carlos Fondeur Director
Carlos Valiente Director
Pedro Brache Director
Carlos José Marti Director
Amelia Vicini Director
Julio Brache Past President
Alejandro Peña Prieto Past President
Christopher Paniagua Past President

Contact Information

Contact Person

  • Name: Liliana Cruz
  • Position: Manage of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Telephone: 809-332-7242
  • Email: lcruz@amcham.org.do


  • Type of Organization: Non-Profit Organization
  • International Affiliations:


  • Years of Operation: 93 years
  • Number of Employees: 56
  • Number of Members: 1,980 members
  • Number of Volunteers:


  • Sources of Funding:

    Funding stems from internal operations and sponsorhips

  • Products/Services:

    Investment Guide

    seminars in the areas of technology, law, economy, energy, professional development, TIC and CSR

    Commercial Missions

    Diploma Programs

  • Total Income: Please see link in the document section of the page
  • Total Expenses: Please see link in the document section of the page


Vision: The consolidation in the Dominican Republic of sustained economic development based on an environment of transparent and fair business, respect for the rule of law and social responsibility.
Empoderar a nuestros socios para lograr su máximo potencial económico, profesional y social a través del acceso a conocimientos, oportunidades y mejores prácticas y una cultura de responsabilidad social empresarial”.
To empower our members to achieve their greatest economic, professional and social potential through access to information, opportunities, best practices and a culture of corporate social responsibility.

Primary Programs and Projects

Investment Guide
Dominican Week
Monthly Business Lunches
Diploma Executive CSR
Diploma PYMES Management
Recognition of Best Practices in CSR
Commercial Missions to the USA
Clean Energy Forum
Country Goal Forum
Member Directory

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