Fundación Innovación Ortopédica Sin Límites (I.O. Sin Limites)

Since 2007, the team at the laboratory of INNOVATION ORTOPEDICA has worked on cases of patients from low-income households with the help and support of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Physicians for Peace, The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine (AMDA), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Red Cross, colleagues and friends. In 2010, INNOVATION ORTOPEDICA supplied prosthetics to the victims of the Haitian earthquake and the Fundación Innovación Ortopédica Sin Límites was created to address the needs of many patients who were arriving at the laboratory of INNOVATION ORTOPEDICA to be equipped with a orthosis or prosthesis, but due to financial constraints, were forced to delay, or even abandon, treatment for rehabilitation. The Foundation was established in October of 2012.

General Information

  • Legal Name: Fundación Innovación Ortopédica Sin Límites
  • Acronym: I.O. Sin Limites
  • Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
  • RNC/Tax ID No: 4-30-12508-3
  • Geographic Areas: National Territory, Azua, Bahoruco, Barahona, Dajabón, Distrito Nacional, Duarte, El Seibo, Elías Piña, Espaillat, Hato Mayor, Hermanas Mirabal, Independencia, La Altagracia, La Romana, La Vega, María Trinidad Sánchez, Monseñor Nouel, Monte Cristi, Monte Plata, Pedernales, Peravia, Puerto Plata, Samaná, San Cristóbal, San José de Ocoa, San Juan, San Pedro de Macorís, Sánchez Ramírez, Santiago, Santiago Rodríguez, Santo Domingo, Valverde
  • Theme Areas: Children and Youth, Health
  • Quantity and Type of Beneficiaries:

    All children from disadvantaged families requiring prosthetics or orthotics. In 2013, the Foundation helped 45 patients.

The Team

Management Team:

Board Members:

Carlos Fredy Gutiérrez, President
Daniel López, Vice President
Cristina Montás, Treasurer
Yvette Guzman, Secretary
Alejandro Montás, Vocal

Contact Information

  • Telephone: (809) 686-1556
  • Email:
  • Address:

    Calle 16 de Agosto # 50
    Edificio Duarte, San Carlos
    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  • Website:
  • Social Networks:

Contact Person

  • Name: Cristina Montás
  • Position: Treasurer
  • Telephone: (809) 689-1556
  • Email:


  • Type of Organization: Non-Profit Organization
  • International Affiliations:
  • Years of Operation: 2 1/2
  • Number of Employees: 0
  • Number of Members: 5
  • Number of Volunteers:


  • Sources of Funding:

    Donations of materials, labor and funds

  • Products/Services:

    Prosthetics and orthotics

  • Total Income: RD$53,500.00
  • Total Expenses: RD$26,592.00



Satisfy the expectations of our patients by offering a competitive, innovative and personalized service with quality assurance.

Promote and organize educational support activities for people with orthopedic disabilities in order to minimize their limitations and optimize their physical and psychological development, making them productive citizens.

Accommodate economically disadvantaged patients that require orthopedic and/or prosthetic devices by manufacturing them, at cost, at the INNOVATION ORTOPEDICA laboratory.

Promote teamwork, initiatives and development of our staff through training and implementation of new technology.

Promote the Foundation and involve both the public and private sectors in supporting the reintegration program for the disabled in our society.


Obtain both national and international reach.

Design strategies to enable beneficiaries to be involved in various programs and projects that develop their businesses in the area of social responsibility.

Develop training and/or training programs for medical residents from different hospitals with regards to the following:
1. Unification and proper use of criteria for prescribing orthotics and prosthetics;
2. Presenting alternatives to patients with orthotic equipment to avoid amputations;
3. Appropriate levels of amputation;
4. Updates on the use and prescription of the latest techniques in prosthetics and orthotics;
5. Presentation of cases that yielded excellent results in the use of prosthetics and orthotics; and
6. Orthotic equipment or techniques for fractures of the lower extremities, upper extremities and spine.

Primary Programs and Projects


Delivery of prosthetics and orthotics to the poor.

Training in the use of the prosthesis and/or orthosis (trained patients that guide and assist new patients in the training phase).

Emotional support to patients by psychologists.

Assisting patients with their re-introduction into the labor market.


Sponsorship of patients by donors.

School for Patients: Training patients in the use- and manufacturing of prosthetics.

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