Clínica de Familia La Romana (Clínica de Familia)

Founded in 1999 by Dr. Stephen W. Nichols, a pioneer in providing medical care to children with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and their families, Clínica de Familia la Romana is a Dominican non-profit organization which provides comprehensive health services to vulnerable populations in and around La Romana, Dominican Republic. It operates in collaboration with the Dominican Ministry of Public Health.

General Information

  • Legal Name: Clínica de Familia La Romana
  • Acronym: Clínica de Familia
  • Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
  • RNC/Tax ID No: 430-107-565
  • Geographic Areas: El Seibo, Hato Mayor, La Altagracia, La Romana
  • Theme Areas: Children and Youth, Education, Gender, Health
  • Quantity and Type of Beneficiaries:

    1600 Patients with HIV/SIDA
    1000 Sex Workers
    2000 Adolescents in MAMI
    10,000 Clinical Services Patients

The Team

Management Team:

Mina Halpern, Executive Director

Leonel Lerebours, Sub-Director and Director of Investigations

Giselina Pierret, Medical Director

Lara Trifol, Programs Director

Ana Zapata, Administrator and RRHH

Bernardo Rosario, Comptroller

Luz Messina, Director MAMI

Board Members:

Ana Jiménez-Bautista, Member

Hilda Peguero, Member

Cecilio de la Rosa, Member

Mildred Ferry, Member

Aida Vanderhorst, Member

Contact Information

  • Telephone: (809) 813-2934
  • Email:
  • Address:

    Calle Gregorio Luperón, Esq. Calle Gastón Fernando Deligne No. 168, La Aviación, La Romana, Dominican Republic

  • Website:
  • Social Networks: Facebook

Contact Person

  • Name: María Consuelo Pérez
  • Position: Public Relations Manager
  • Telephone: (809) 813-2934 ex. 106
  • Email:


  • Type of Organization: Non-Profit Organization
  • International Affiliations:
  • Years of Operation: Since 1999
  • Number of Employees: 89
  • Number of Members: N/A
  • Number of Volunteers:

    Adolescent Peer Education Team: 40; International Volunteers: 5-10

  • Sources of Funding:

    1) Revenues from provision of general clinical services;

    2) International Grants from entities including USAID, CONAVIHSIDA, Planned Parenthood of Great Northwest, Rotary Club, Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, Columbia University, Global Fund, and anonymous private donors; and

    3) Premio Brugal 2013.

  • Products/Services:

    1) Comprehensive care for HIV;

    2) Summer camp for children with HIV;

    3) The Women’s Program;

    4) Maternal Child Health Annex or Módulo Anexo Materno Infantil (MAMI);

    5) Clinical Services for the Community;

    6. Student and Volunteer Program; and

    7. Sale of shirts, hats and bags with the institution’s logo.

  • Total Income: US$1,376,505 (2014)
  • Total Expenses: US$1,281,311 (2014)


Mission: To improve the health of families in the eastern region of the Dominican Republic, including vulnerable people, through comprehensive health services, education and research.

Vision: To have a community where all families have access to health services in order to enjoy a good quality of life.

Values: We are committed to working with dedication, respect, confidentiality, empathy and love.

Primary Programs and Projects

Comprehensive Care for HIV. Clinica de Familia La Romana uses a family-centered approach to provide free medical care, antiretroviral treatment, and preventative services for children and adults with HIV. In addition to these services, the clinic offers psycho-social support through its psychology, counseling, social services and community outreach departments.

Camp for Children with HIV. Clinica de Familia La Romana started Camp Home and Joy for kids with HIV in 2004. The campers are children and adolescents that come from disadvantaged backgrounds in the Eastern Dominican Republic. Camp Hope and Joy offers the campers an opportunity to have fun during a one-week camp, by engaging in activities that boost their confidence and self-esteem. The camp provides a safe environment where children with HIV can receive support, love, affection, and respect.

The Women’s Program. The Women’s Program, or Programa de la Mujer, provides services for sex workers in the Eastern Dominican Republic. Sex workers travel to Clinica de Familia La Romana for monthly exams. In addition to medical services provided at the clinic, these vulnerable clients receive education and counseling on preventing sexually transmitted infections through educational sessions given at the clinic and at the brothels where they work. This program has been extremely successful at lowering HIV prevalence in La Romana’s sex worker population.

The Maternal Child Health Annex. The Maternal Child Health Annex, or Módulo Anexo Materno Infantil (MAMI), houses the adolescent unit of La Romana’s provincial public hospital, and is supported directly by Clinica de Familia La Romana. MAMI offers specialized services for adolescents, including prenatal care, family planning, gynecology, pediatrics, young men’s clinic, and comprehensive sex education programs in schools and the community.

Clinical Services for the Community. Clinica de Familia La Romana offers high quality medical services throughout the community. These services include general medical care, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, cardiology, diabetes care, family planning, psychology and counseling. Additionally, the clinic offers ultrasounds and laboratory testing. Prices are affordable and staff are highly trained to offer these services to the community.

Student and Volunteer Program. The Student and Volunteer Program is a collaborative program with Columbia University for health sciences students. Since 2002, this program has received about 300 international and Dominican students who have gained numerous professional skills as they complete clinical rotations and public health projects. Research is an important aspect of the clinic’s work, and has helped improve the clinic’s services as well as produced relevant information at the local, national and global level. Our research has included HIV prevalence studies among pregnant women and a male circumcision study intended to reduce HIV transmission rates.

Media Resources

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Expert Comments

We ask each of our experts to recommend five entities in their area(s) of expertise which have had a positive impact. Below please find comments from our experts who have recommended this entity.

  • The dedicated work done at the clinic has helped lead to a vertical transmission rate of HIV (between mother and baby) of zero for the second c . . .onsecutive year in La Romana. The educational campaigns, the patient follow up, the medical attention and the delivery of medicine are the greatest tools that these individuals have to achieve this.
  • The Hope and Joy Camp offers an opportunity for relaxation and fun to children of scarce resources.
  • Clinica de Familia La Romana has helped many people with HIV/SIDA in the Eastern Part of the Island.

More Expert Comments

  • Mina Halpern, the Executive Director of the Clinica de Familia La Romana, as well as her staff, are the engine behind the clinic’s achievements. Their . . . professionalism and experience have been making this a highly efficient clinic which is at the service of the entire community.
  • The organizers and directors of the camp Hope and Joy of Clinica de Familia La Romana make a huge effort so that children can have fun for five days i . . .n this camp in Bonao, Dominican Republic. The activities are varied and entertaining, and the location is very agreeable and spacious. The faces of the children reflect their happiness at participating in open air activities in contact with nature.
  • Clinica de Familia La Romana has excellent organizational

More Expert Comments

  • Due to a lack of resources, more children cannot participate in the summer camp Hope and Joy offered by Clinica de Familia La Romana. A campaign to r . . .aise more funds would be a huge step towards bringing more children to the program.

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