Below please find a list of organizations focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Dominican Republic.

Entity Name About Us

La Fundación Pro Bono RD, Inc. –ProBonoRD,, is a not-for-profit institution organized and constituted in conformity with the laws of the Dominican Republic . The Foundation is a . . .member of the Pro Bono Network of the Americas directed by the Cyrus Vance Center and the Pro Bono Foundation Chile and the work performed by the signatory offices to the Declaration Pro Bono of the Americas .

Fundación Tropicalia

Fundación Tropicalia (FT) designs and executes programs for the community of Miches, a municipality located on the Northern coast of the Dominican Republic, in four areas: education, environment, . . .productivity and well-being, and culture. Established in 2008 by Tropicalia, a sustainable tourism and real estate development of Cisneros Real Estate, the Fundación Tropicalia is part of the strategy of the project promoting sustainable socioeconomic development in the area. The programs are carried out with the collaboration of the community, public and private sector institutions, civil society and academic sectors, where the diversity of our alliances leads to innovative programs with high impact and efficient use of resources.

Iniciativa Empresarial para la Educación Técnica

La Iniciativa Empresarial para la Educación Técnica (IEET) is a group of businesspeople who share the vision of raising the quality of graduates from programs providing technical training and educ . . .ation.
The founding partners of IEET are Implementos y Maquinarias (IMCA) and Fundación INICIA.

Instituto Dominicano de Estudios Virológicos

El Instituto Dominicano de Estudios Virológicos (IDEV) is a Dominican non-profit organization which was originally founded to run clinical trials with new molecules for the Human Immunodeficiency Vi . . .rus (HIV). It has branched out to now include education, out-patient services, and special units for Men Having Sex with Men (MSM) and those not speaking Spanish. As stated in its name, it works with all viruses, especially HIV, hepatitis virus and papillomavirus. IDEV is among the units for comprehensive care which offers full HIV medicine through the National Program administered by the Dominican Ministry of Health.


More than a commercial center, AGORA Mall is the new heart of Santo Domingo which reflects the commercial, social, entertainment, cultural, artistic and athletic lives of this city and our visitors a . . .nd clients. AGORA Mall has become not only the preferred place for Dominicans to do their shopping, but also a community to which our people feel proud to belong.

Participación Ciudadana

Participación Ciudadana (PC) is a civic, non-partisan movement. It is the National Chapter of Transparency International in the Dominican Republic, was formed in October of 1993, and became legally . . . constituted in January of 1996, with the goal of promoting the coordination of civil society and encouraging civic participation, in order to achieve political, institutional and democratic reforms that the country needs, seeking the strengthening of and a greater participation of civil society in the diverse realms of social life, thereby contributing to the consolidation of democracy and the modernization of the State.


Established in 1920, Scotiabank is the bank with the longest history in the Dominican Republic. It is the only bank with 95 years of continuous operation in the country, offering a variety of product . . .s to small enterprises, businesses and specialized financial services to individuals, companies and corporations. Scotiabank supports the communities where it has a presence. They are convinced that it is their responsibility to offer help to all those communities in which they are developing business. They concentrate their efforts in the areas of education, health and social services, sponsoring programs that promote the active participation of their employees and are focused on the benefit of the community.

Servicio de Voluntariado Ignaciano de República Dominicana

SERVIR-D was born from the joint effort of the Company of Jesus and a group of lay people, with the goal of promoting volunteer service from the perspective of Ignatian Spirituality. SERVIR-D has t . . .ies with 24 social projects in the Dominican Republic where interested people give their time, donations, and resources so that these institutions may carry out their mission in favor of the most needy population. It was established by decree in 2004 as a non-profit institution. A Coordinating Team made of a 8 people, together with the collaboration of a growing network of volunteers, carries out the planning, operation and implementation of the programs. SERVIR-D is financed by means of private, corporate and government donations.


Social Investment Partners (SIP) Group is a firm that advises companies on the design and implementation of their Social Agenda. SIP Group arose as a response to the growing concern of companies a . . .bout organizing their philanthropic work and/or social responsibility in order to have greater impact and effectively contribute to the strengthening of the business ecosystem.

TECHO – República Dominicana

TECHO is an organization that is present in Latin America and the Caribbean which seeks to overcome the circumstances of poverty in which thousands of people live in precarious settlements, through t . . .he collective action of the inhabitants and young volunteers. TTECHO Dominican Republic becomes an active NGO on 2009.