Below please find Classified Ad listings for those of our entities seeking or offering volunteer opportunities in the Dominican Republic, whether they be for sporadic activities or long-term positions. If you are interested, please feel free to contact them directly for more information.


Image Registration Date Type Of Classified Title Item Entity

Apr-03-2016 Volunteers Volunteers Needed Want ADPRECEDISCI

Jan-24-2016 Volunteers Volunteers Needed for Health Project Want Dispensario Lecheria

Dec-08-2015 Volunteers Pharmacy Volunteer Want IDEV

Dec-08-2015 Volunteers Help with Patients Want IDEV

Nov-05-2015 Volunteers Social Worker Offer FACCI

Nov-05-2015 Volunteers Pediatric Psychologist Want FACCI

Oct-06-2015 Volunteers Child Psychologist Want SM

Aug-19-2015 Volunteers Volunteers Want FPUM

Aug-13-2015 Volunteers We need volunteers Want RCDR

Aug-13-2015 Volunteers Neurologist Want FNPA