Granito de Arena seeks to provide comprehensive, disinterested, firs- hand information about organizations working in the Dominican Republic for the common good. To that end, we seek the opinions of experts working in the particular areas on which we are focused. These experts may be foundation professionals, academics, researchers, nonprofit senior staff, policy makers, and other professionals. Our goal is to build an expert network with a balanced representation of qualified professionals from diverse fields, with varied geographical representation, and with diverse areas of expertise. We target experts through a combination of cold emails and warm referrals (on the basis of professional and personal connections).

At present, we are surveying experts in the following causes:
o Animal Rights

o Arts & Culture

o Children and Youth

o Community Development

o  Conflict/Disaster Relief

o CSR Programs

o Economic Development

o Education

o Environment & Energy

o Food/Agriculture

o Gender

o Governance/Transparency

o Health

o Housing & Infrastructure

o Human Development

o Human Rights

o Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

o Other _______________________________________

We publish all of the expert comments and reviews that we collect through this survey process on our website. All of the expert comments and reviews that we publish are presented in an anonymous fashion, with no expert’s name attributable to any particular comment. We do include in the website a list of all of our experts, and provide general biographical information for each. No expert is allowed to comment upon an organization for which it works, receives compensation or sits on the board of directors.

To apply to be an expert please click here.