• Type: Development Professional
  • Organization: AMCHAMDR
  • Title: Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Years of Experience in the field: 10

Liliana Cruz

Theme Areas: Community Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Education, Economic Development, Governance and Transparency


Ms. Cruz is a marketing and publicity professional, with more than 10 years of experience in strategic Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Communication. She is a member of the DIGENOR Committee for the ISO 26,000. She was an invited speaker for the Conference Grantmakers without Borders (San Francisco, CA), as well as at other conferences on social investment in the Dominican Republic. Ms. Cruz was a leader of the project “Building a New Haiti” which promoted private investment post-earthquake in Haiti. She was a Member of the Jury of the Premio Solidarios (2013). She has a Certification GRI for the writing of Sustainability Reports. She has administered cooperation agreements with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), InterAmerican Foundation (FIA) y PanAmerican Development Foundation (PADF). She currently is the Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic as well as being in charge of this institution’s sustainability strategy.

Professional Affiliations and/or Academic Background in Field