• Start time: 09:00 AM | End Time: 05:00 PM
  • Venue: Galeria 360, Santo Domingo
  • June 15, 2019
  • Entity: Green Love
  • Description:

    Let us handle your recycling!

    Bases for recycling:
    • Deliver the recycling in optimal condition for classification to the participating collection centers.
    • The waste eligible for obtaining credit is: paper, plastic, tetra pack containers and cooking oil.
    • Each type of material must be delivered in separate bags.
    • A credit of RD$1.00 will be received for each kilo of recycled material that is paper, plastic or tetra pack containers.
    • A credit of RD$10.00 for each gallon of cooking oil.
    • To use credit, the receipt must be presented in perfect condition to the participating establishment.
    Materials which apply are:
    • Paper: newspaper, office paper, notebooks, books, magazines, telephone directories.
    • Plastics: plastic PET bottles and gallons HDPE, free of any liquid and flattened.
    • Cardboard: broken down, without grease or food residue.
    • Aluminum cans: must be completely free of all liquids or solids.
    • Filtered cooking oil, without water or solid waste. Vegetable shortening is not included.
    Participating collection centers, to generate Ecocredits are:

    • Galería 360 (load and unload area, entering by the last door of the Ferreteria Americana), each Saturday from 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 5 pm.
    • Main warehouse of Green Love (Calle camino a cancino, esq. 18E, Lucerna), from Monday to Friday, from 8am to at12pm and 1pm to 5pm
    Conditions for redeeming: coupon valid until December 21 of the same year of its emission; the value and dates may not be scratched; it may not have modifications of any kind; it may not have writing on the back; the coupon will be valid for the amount in RD pesos written on the same; it must be in good condition.
    Participating redeeming establishments are:
    1- Tiendas Orgánica, natural and organic products for nutrition and personal care / 809-540-5742 • Plaza Cataluña, Primer Nivel/Gustavo Mejia Ricart, Piantini/ (809) 540-5742 • Bella Piazza, Primer Nivel/ Av. Sarasota, Bella Vista/ (809) 533-5742 • Agora Mall, Primer Nivel/ Av. Abraham Lincoln, Esq. JF Kennedy/ (809) 368-5742 • Acropolis Center, Primer Nivel/Andres Julio Aybar, Esq. Winston Churchill/(809) 565-5742 2- @AiramCrafts, Candles, Soaps & Crafts/ 809-856-0657 3- @TerraVerdeRD, 100% orgánico y producido localmente/ 809-262-1860/ 4- @ManguitoGourmet/ Street food artesanal/ 809-877-1217 5- @ComparteCreaciones/ postres, papelería, souvenirs/ 829-282-2103/ 6- @DoncellaRD/ tienda física y webstore 7- @Evas.Garden/ Cosmética natural 8- @ZonaBiciRD/ Renta de bicicletas, paseos libres o guiados, servicios de mantenimiento, área de bar y tienda/ 809-793-9939 9- @Just4Pets/ Clínica Veterinaria 10- @HeladosBonRD: • Hel. Arroyo Hondo, C/ Luis Amiama Tio No 58, Viejo Arroyo Hondo • Hel. Megacentro, Avenida San Vicente De Paul, Esquina Carretera Mella, Plaza Megacentro, Local 132-B 2do. Nivel • Hel. Bolívar I, Ave. Rómulo Betancourt Esq Caonabo, Plaza Comercial Bolívar, Mirador Norte • Hel. Naco, Av. Tiradentes Esq Presidente González, Naco. Plza Naco 1er Nivel • Hel. Agora Mall, Av. Abrhan Lincoln, Esq. J.F. K/Plaza Agora Mall Piso 04 • Hel. Galería 360, Ave. John F. Kennedy, Primer Nivel Galerías 360 • Hel. Bolívar Iii, Av. Núñez De Cáceres Esq Rómulo Betancourt # 100 • Hel. Sambil, Av Jhon F Kenneddy Casi Esq Av Máximo Gómez. • Hel. Herrera, Ave. Mirador Sur (Frente Al Club Banreservas) • Hel. Jumbo Luperón, Ave. Luperón Esq. Gustavo Mejía R.

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