• It has a very good solid waste management program. .
    IDDI has had a lot of success with its efforts to access national and international funding.
    W . . .ith good human resources, IDDI is an extremely dynamic organization.
  • IDDI is an expert in the identification and formation of community leaders.
    The Foundation has had a lot of success in the capturing of funds for the . . .implementation of its programs and projects.
    A very dedicated and trained board of directors has given IDDI invaluable support.
  • The implementation agents of the Project succeed because of their dedication.
    The quality of RedPapel final product is marvelous.
  • IDDI has a sustainable funding model, with varied sources of funding. They have managed very large international grants and also had contracts with th . . .e Dominican government.
    They have strong relationships with various businesses that have helped fund their development projects.
  • Its ability to mobilize funds.
    An interdisciplinary technical staff allows the institution to focus its work in different areas.
    It has a Section 501c . . .3, which facilities the mobilization of funds from the U.S.
    Very good relations and connections with the public and private sectors.