• FAC’s three founders have built a center which serves critical needs in the vulnerable sector of Villas Agricolas.
    FAC has developed top-notch progr . . .amming to serve the full range of educational needs of the children that it serves.
  • The management of the program and its operations are well organized, with a highly professional staff.
  • The Fundacion Abriendo Camino offers a wide range of informal educational activities, designed to help children develop a variety of skills and intere . . .sts. It also offers complete programs in computer science and adult workshops.
  • Some of their strengths are: the services they provide for bringing kids to grade level, reading motivation, artistic activities, as well as the lect . . .ures they offer on awareness and prevention of early pregnancy and abuse in the community. These are very valuable in the neighborhood that they serve, especially to the most vulnerable.