Centros APEC de Educación a Distancia, Inc. (CENAPEC)

Centros APEC de Educación a Distancia (CENAPEC) is a non-profit educational institution, created on April 4, 1972, under the auspices of Acción Pro-Educación y Cultura (APEC).

CENAPEC is an institution completely dedicated to the public good, offering educational opportunities to adult Dominicans of limited economic resources. Without receiving significant funding from any institution, the importance of CENAPEC is also founded in the self-sustaining nature of its financing.

Its reason for being is to offer educational programs to Dominican adults, in order to improve their quality of life and facilitate their incorporation into the process of national development. Through our institutional life more than 600,000 students from all sectors of society have benefited from our educational offerings: more than 130,000 graduates have received degrees from the basic and secondary education program.

General Information

  • Legal Name: Centros APEC de Educación a Distancia, Inc.
  • Acronym: CENAPEC
  • Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
  • RNC/Tax ID No: 4-0104299-1
  • Geographic Areas: National Territory, Distrito Nacional, Santo Domingo
  • Theme Areas: Education
  • Quantity and Type of Beneficiaries:

    Young adults (15 years and up)
    15,000 students

The Team

Management Team:

Sr. Ramón Sosa, Executive Director
Sra. Belkis Santana, General Manager
Sr. Julio C. León, Academic Director
Sra. Bernarda Cabrera, Human Director
Sra. Niurys Morciego, Marketing and Projects
Sr. Bladimir Ramírez, Systems and Technology
Sr. Julio Fernández, Collaborative Relations

Board Members:

Lic. Jaime Fernández

Lic. Sonia Villanueva de Brouwer
Vice President

Lic. Carlos Cuello Santos

Lic. Robinson Peña Mieses

Lic. Roberto Rodríguez Perdomo
Lic. Laura Peña Izquierdo
Lic. Antonio Musa
Lic. Ryno L. Senior
Lic. Domingo Valerio Jiménez
Ing. Simón Mahfoud Miguel
Lic. Harold Molina Boggiano

Lic. Víctor García Alecont
Past President

Dr. Franklyn Holguín Haché
President of APEC

Ing. Ramón Sosa Alcántara
Executive Director
Secretario Ex Oficio

Contact Information

Contact Person

  • Name: Ramón Sosa
  • Position: Executive Director
  • Telephone: 809-565-1302
  • Email: direjecutivo@cenapec.edu.do


  • Type of Organization: Non-Profit Organization
  • International Affiliations:
  • Years of Operation: 44 years
  • Number of Employees: 524
  • Number of Members:
  • Number of Volunteers:
  • Sources of Funding:

    School tuition by students
    Sale of educational materials

  • Products/Services:

    Basic and secondary education
    Technical courses

  • Total Income: RD$124,058,951 (2015)
  • Total Expenses: RD$113,389,540 (2015)


To offer high quality educational programs to adults, from the sixth grade level through high school, through the long distance education system, with the goal of facilitating their integration into the process of national development.

To contribute to the economic and social development of the country’s adult population through the formation of human resources which are ideal for meeting the demand of commercial, administrative and service activities.

Primary Programs and Projects

Educational Program: “Don’t Abandon Your Dream”

CENAPEC offers an educational program in closed groups for pregnant teens and young mothers in similar situations in order to present them with a path which will allow them to finish their high school studies and renew their hope for a successful life.

The project seeks to reduce one of the aspects of social exclusion which confronts the population and which reduces their participation in the social, economic and cultural life of their respective communities due to the lack of access to educational opportunities and the labor market, which impacts their possibility for full social participation and, in many cases, worsens their situation of poverty, vulnerability and marginalization.

The project consists of classrooms of 30 people in similar situations where specific educational programs geared to the individual needs of the candidates will be offered.

The development of the courses in the same facilities where we offer basic education classes is envisioned, or as closed programs in spaces selected for these purposes.

During the execution of the program a series of activities will be carried out, which include:

• Enrollment of those students meeting the requirements;
• Distribution of educational materials;
• Periodic evaluation of student performance;
• Community service projects;
• Self esteem programs; and
• Graduations

Educational Program: “A Book for a Future¨

CENAPEC delivers all educational material necessary for an academic period and campaigns to procure financing of the costs associated with the materials.

The 15,000 students enrolled in our institution will receive a total of nine units during the course.

The deliver of materials in the precincts and administrative offices every month.

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