Iniciativa Empresarial para la Educación Técnica (IEET)

La Iniciativa Empresarial para la Educación Técnica (IEET) is a group of businesspeople who share the vision of raising the quality of graduates from programs providing technical training and education.

The founding partners of IEET are Implementos y Maquinarias (IMCA) and Fundación INICIA.

General Information

  • Legal Name: Iniciativa Empresarial para la Educación Técnica
  • Acronym: IEET
  • Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
  • RNC/Tax ID No:
  • Geographic Areas: National Territory, Distrito Nacional, San Cristóbal, Santo Domingo
  • Theme Areas: Children and Youth, Corporate Social Responsibility, Education
  • Quantity and Type of Beneficiaries:

    3,000 Direct Beneficiaries
    17,000 Indirect Beneficiaries who use the IEET model

The Team

Management Team:

Pedro Esteva

Antonio Caparrós

Vicini LTD

Board Members:

Catherine Piña
Executive Director

Contact Information

  • Telephone: (809) 541-0000
  • Email:
  • Address:

    Avenida Winston Churchill No.5, Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom.

  • Website:
  • Social Networks:

Contact Person

  • Name: Catherine Piña
  • Position: Executive Director
  • Telephone: (809) 258-2420
  • Email:


  • Type of Organization: Non-Profit Organization
  • International Affiliations:
  • Years of Operation: 8 years
  • Number of Employees: All are sub-contractors
  • Number of Members: 8 companies
  • Number of Volunteers:


  • Sources of Funding:

    Dominican Private Sector

  • Products/Services:
  • Total Income:
  • Total Expenses:


To promote alliances and joint entrepreneurship among educational and productive sectors in terms of technical education, with the goal of developing national human potential in order to increase the country’s value and competitiveness.

To contribute to the sustainable economic and social development of the Dominican Republic through quality, relevant and equitable technical education.

• Commitment
• Innovation
• Holistic Excellence
• Transparency
• Team Spirit

Primary Programs and Projects

We offer 4 levels of intervention:

Basic Level:

Focus on the development of youth in high school:
1. A solid base of science on which they could build throughout their lives; and
2. Behavioral skills that place the graduates from high school in an advantageous situation in the job market and allow them to pursue secondary education.

Broader Level:

The creation of links between technical students and strategically selected careers and companies so that an investment in the revitalization of the center’s offerings represents an opportunity to generate a case of shared value. Impact technical students in their junior and senior years in subjects specific to a speciality.

Qualifications Level:

Work within companies on the processes of:
1. Identification of the technical qualifications which must be supported in the company for the execution of its business,
2. Detailed definition of the technical job descriptions of the organization,
3. Definition of technical levels in accordance with the specific needs of the business,
4. Establishment of technical salary scales in accordance with internal parameters of equity and competitiveness factors of the labor market.

Career Plan Level:

Work within the company in the identification of programs that prepare the technical students to move from one level to another within the organization’s structure. Utilization of public offerings (INFOTEP) in the cases in which they apply, utilization of the resources invested in the Broader Level in the cases in which they apply.

The Strategic Initiatives that IEET has been defining are:

1. Expand the IEET Model.
2. Implement a Center for Local Pedagogical Excellence for the expansion and sustainability of the IEET Model.
3. Develop and strengthen alliances in order to impact technical training and education.
4. Innovate in solutions to equip graduates of technical education and training programs with habits and skills relevant to the productive sector.
5. Increase the opportunities of graduates of Technical Education programs to improve their quality of life.
6. Influence public policies in the areas of technical education and economic development.
7. Assure the evolution of programs and processes through making decisions based on rigorous observation and evaluation of indicators.
8. Develop sources of income that contribute to the sustainability of IEET.

Expert Comments

We ask each of our experts to recommend five entities in their area(s) of expertise which have had a positive impact. Below please find comments from our experts who have recommended this entity.

  • This is a private sector institution which works to redefine the relationship between offer and demand of technical and professional education.
  • They are a perfect example of effective public/private alliances.

More Expert Comments

  • This is an organization that belongs to the private sector. They have excellent public-private alliances. They have a lot of resources.
  • They have an effective business model which facilitates their excellent operations.

More Expert Comments

  • They could multiply their work model to other countries.

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