Green Love (Green Love)

Green Love is a waste management initiative. It operates as an intermediary, collecting classified materials for their final proper disposal through recycling. Once segregated and consolidated, the waste is delivered to different recycling plants, where it is used as raw materials to make new products. We offer a practical solution to the problem of waste disposal while helping reduce the environmental impact these wastes can have. By recycling, we reduce the quantity of waste that is burned in incinerators, winds up in bodies of water, or is deposited in dumps, increasing their useful life. Thus, we are contributing to the saving of natural resources such as wood, water and energy.

General Information

The Team

Management Team:

Lorna Aquino, Executive Director
Angela Volquez, Operations Manager

Board Members:

Anselmo Aquino, Manager (
Lorna Aquino, Executive Director (
Antonelly Aquino
Lletty Aquino
Carlos Jose Aquino
Jacobo Aquino
Pura Osorio

Contact Information

Contact Person

  • Name: Lorna Aquino
  • Position: Executive Director
  • Telephone: T. (829) 256 -5683, C. (809) 850-6073
  • Email:


  • Type of Organization: Private Company
  • International Affiliations:
  • Years of Operation: 7
  • Number of Employees: 9
  • Number of Members: N/A
  • Number of Volunteers:


  • Sources of Funding:

    Income from operations

    Private sponsorships

    We count on referrals from organizations like: The Embassy of Great Britain, Bancamerica, British American Tobacco, Centro Cultural Brasil-Republica Dominicana, Dream Clean Store by Doncella, Industrias Metálicas Caribe, S.R.L., MG Public Relations, Embassy of Canada, U.S. Mission in the Dominican Republic, Orgánica, Teorema, Tomenca, The Coca Cola Company and the Municipality of the National District of the Dominican Republic.

  • Products/Services:

    Collection of non dangerous solid waste
    Dominicana Recicla

  • Total Income:
  • Total Expenses:

Primary Programs and Projects

Collection and disposal of solid, non-dangerous waste.

Dominicana Recicla: A project that seeks to help create a consciousness and increase awareness in educational centers about the importance of the proper management of waste that is produced daily. This program is led by Green Love, with the help and collaboration of the Coca-Cola Company and Bepensa, the bottler of the company in the Dominican Republic. The program works with the entire educational community (students, staff, administrators and the families of the students). The program includes lectures and training in order to increase the awareness in these educational communities about the topic of recycling and its impact on the environment. Subsequently, training is provided about the proper way to classify and collect waste.

Informal Recyclers Network: the incorporation of informal recyclers into the economic network of recycling.

Collection Centers: the installation and management of recycling centers in Santo Domingo.

Venta de Garage: where everyone can publish things to exchange, sell or donate on instagram @greengaragerd.

Eco-Friendly Items: eco-friendly items for sale on instagram @greenlovestore.

Bases for recycling:
• Deliver the recycling in optimal condition for classification to the participating collection centers.
• The waste eligible for obtaining credit is: paper, plastic, tetra pack containers and cooking oil.
• Each type of material must be delivered in separate bags.
• A credit of RD$1.00 will be received for each kilo of recycled material that is paper, plastic or tetra pack containers.
• A credit of RD$10.00 for each gallon of cooking oil.
• To use credit, the receipt must be presented in perfect condition to the participating establishment.
Materials which apply are:
• Paper: newspaper, office paper, notebooks, books, magazines, telephone directories.
• Plastics: plastic PET bottles and gallons HDPE, free of any liquid and flattened.
• Cardboard: broken down, without grease or food residue.
• Aluminum cans: must be completely free of all liquids or solids.
• Filtered cooking oil, without water or solid waste. Vegetable shortening is not included.
Participating collection centers, to generate Ecocredits are:

• Galería 360 (load and unload area, entering by the last door of the Ferreteria Americana), each Saturday from 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 5 pm.
• Main warehouse of Green Love (Calle camino a cancino, esq. 18E, Lucerna), from Monday to Friday, from 8am to at12pm and 1pm to 5pm
Conditions for redeeming: coupon valid until December 21 of the same year of its emission; the value and dates may not be scratched; it may not have modifications of any kind; it may not have writing on the back; the coupon will be valid for the amount in RD pesos written on the same; it must be in good condition.
Participating redeeming establishments are:
1- Tiendas Orgánica, natural and organic products for nutrition and personal care / 809-540-5742 • Plaza Cataluña, Primer Nivel/Gustavo Mejia Ricart, Piantini/ (809) 540-5742 • Bella Piazza, Primer Nivel/ Av. Sarasota, Bella Vista/ (809) 533-5742 • Agora Mall, Primer Nivel/ Av. Abraham Lincoln, Esq. JF Kennedy/ (809) 368-5742 • Acropolis Center, Primer Nivel/Andres Julio Aybar, Esq. Winston Churchill/(809) 565-5742 2- @AiramCrafts, Candles, Soaps & Crafts/ 809-856-0657 3- @TerraVerdeRD, 100% orgánico y producido localmente/ 809-262-1860/ 4- @ManguitoGourmet/ Street food artesanal/ 809-877-1217 5- @ComparteCreaciones/ postres, papelería, souvenirs/ 829-282-2103/ 6- @DoncellaRD/ tienda física y webstore 7- @Evas.Garden/ Cosmética natural 8- @ZonaBiciRD/ Renta de bicicletas, paseos libres o guiados, servicios de mantenimiento, área de bar y tienda/ 809-793-9939 9- @Just4Pets/ Clínica Veterinaria 10- @HeladosBonRD: • Hel. Arroyo Hondo, C/ Luis Amiama Tio No 58, Viejo Arroyo Hondo • Hel. Megacentro, Avenida San Vicente De Paul, Esquina Carretera Mella, Plaza Megacentro, Local 132-B 2do. Nivel • Hel. Bolívar I, Ave. Rómulo Betancourt Esq Caonabo, Plaza Comercial Bolívar, Mirador Norte • Hel. Naco, Av. Tiradentes Esq Presidente González, Naco. Plza Naco 1er Nivel • Hel. Agora Mall, Av. Abrhan Lincol, Esq. J.F. K/Plaza Agora Mall Piso 04 • Hel. Galería 360, Ave. John F. Kennedy, Primer Nivel Galerías 360 • Hel. Bolívar Iii, Av. Núñez De Cáceres Esq Rómulo Betancourt # 100 • Hel. Sambil, Av Jhon F Kenneddy Casi Esq Av Máximo Gómez. • Hel. Herrera, Ave. Mirador Sur (Frente Al Club Banreservas) • Hel. Jumbo Luperón, Ave. Luperón Esq. Gustavo Mejía R.

Expert Comments

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  • Greenlove is a company that offers waste management and recycling services in Santo Domingo.

More Expert Comments

  • Green Love has contributed to the formation of a culture of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) in Santo Domingo.
    Its recycling collection service i . . .s very efficient and reliable.
    Green Love has turned various businesses, churches and schools into community recycling centers.

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  • Green Love should continuing forming recycling collection centers in the private sector.
    More strategic alliances would be very useful to Green Love s . . .o it could expand its operations.

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