TECHO – República Dominicana (TECHO)

TECHO is an organization that is present in Latin America and the Caribbean which seeks to overcome the circumstances of poverty in which thousands of people live in precarious settlements, through the collective action of the inhabitants and young volunteers. TTECHO Dominican Republic becomes an active NGO on 2009.

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Management Team:

Eugenio Mayorga, General Manager
Andrés Salazar, Social Director

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  • Name: Rafael Fernández y para temas de voluntariado con Alexander Mundaray
  • Position: Director de Desarrollo de Fondos/ Director de Formación y Voluntariado
  • Telephone: (809) 540-7812
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  • Type of Organization: Non-Profit Organization
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  • Years of Operation: 6
  • Number of Employees: 10
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    In Kind Contributions

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To work tirelessly in precarious settlements in order to overcome poverty, through the formation and communal action of the inhabitants and young volunteers, promoting community development, denouncing – in conjunction with other political actors – the situation in which the most excluded and vulnerable populations live.

Primary Programs and Projects

TECHO Dominican Republic becomes an active NGO on 2009. Since then it has worked with more than 50 communities all over the country with their Basic Infrastructure Program. In 2014, 845 module homes where built and over 1,000 more in the time of the emergency response in Haiti right after the 2010 earthquake.

During this time more tan 11,000 volunteers have participated in community development programs with the population that has been served and together achieving better conditions of life on informal settlements, promoting social conscience and action.

(1) To foment community development in precarious settlements, through the process of the strengthening of the community, which develops valid and representative leadership, that spurs the organization and participation of thousands of inhabitants of settlements in order to generate solutions to their problems. Community development is the axis of the work that TECHO does in precarious settlements.
(2) To promote social conscience and action, with special emphasis on the massing of a critical, purposeful volunteer group working on the ground with inhabitants of the settlements and involving different actors from the community in the development of concrete solutions to eradicate poverty.
(3) To participate in decision-making and the definition of public policies through the denouncement of the exclusion and infringement of rights within the settlements, of the generation and diffusion of relevant information about this and of the link between the inhabitants with the networks. All of this is so that the problems of these communities are recognized by society and prioritized in the public agenda.


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Expert Comments

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  • TECHO runs excellent programs for companies who wish to organize community service trips for their employees. They organize everything very well, and . . . make the participants feel useful and welcome.
    TECHO’s activities don’t only help vulnerable populations but also promote team building and motivation among the volunteers who help them.

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