Fundación Abriendo Camino (FAC)

The Fundacion Abriendo Camino (FAC) is a non-profit organization working to improve the lives of children in the marginalized neighborhood of Villas Agricolas, in northern Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

General Information

  • Legal Name: Fundación Abriendo Camino
  • Acronym: FAC
  • Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
  • RNC/Tax ID No: 4 30 00518 5
  • Geographic Areas: Santo Domingo
  • Theme Areas: Children and Youth, Education, Gender, Health, Human Development, Human Rights, Other (Professional Training)
  • Quantity and Type of Beneficiaries:

    300 children and adolescents daily

    Women on the Path Group (12 women)

    Approximately 50-60 families monthly

    INFOTEP classes (300 students)

The Team

Management Team:

General Coordinator:
Marie Bordenave,

Alba Rodríguez,

Board Members:

Elisabeth Puig
Nelia Barletta
Mijo Leurent

Contact Information

Contact Person

  • Name: Marie Bordenave
  • Position: General Coordinator
  • Telephone: (829) 651-9139
  • Email:


  • Type of Organization: Non-Profit Organization
  • International Affiliations:
  • Years of Operation: 12 years
  • Number of Employees:
  • Number of Members:
  • Number of Volunteers:


  • Sources of Funding:

    International Donors
    Private Financing

  • Products/Services:

    Education Reinforcement for children and adolescents

    Training on the guarantee of and respect for basic rights

    Family counseling and follow up

    Education through sports, recreation, and technology

    Continuing education for the staff of the Foundation

    Psychological counseling and attention to the cases of children, adolescents and their families

    Health services

    Women’s Cooperative

    INFOTEP Courses

  • Total Income:
  • Total Expenses:


Contribute to human development, poverty reduction and crime in Dominican society through education.

Provide a comprehensive training center, where children, youth and adults can develop their potential through educational, artistic, recreational and vocational training activities.


Primary Programs and Projects

Educational Leveling/Holistic Education Program
Mediateca /library Program
Psychologial Assistance for Children and their Families Program
Scholarship for High School and University Studies Program Professional Training Program (INFOTEP)
Integrated Health Project (financed by the British Embassy)
“Women on the Path” Group
Education with Recreation Program (financed by Scotiabank) Volunteers Program

Expert Comments

We ask each of our experts to recommend five entities in their area(s) of expertise which have had a positive impact. Below please find comments from our experts who have recommended this entity.

  • FAC does an excellent job working to improve through education the lives of children living in the under-served neighborhood of Villa Agricolas in Nor . . .thern Santo Domingo.
  • The Foundation is carrying out great work in this neighborhood of the city, not only through its diverse educational and recreational programs, but al . . .so because of the extraordinary facilities that they offer. They have a very organized library with access to the internet and study rooms. Thanks to these facilities, the foundation can offer diverse activities for children, adolescents and their families.
  • The foundation’s programs offer people in that neighborhood the opportunity to develop and grow through educational, recreational, artistic and techni . . .cal activities.

More Expert Comments

  • FAC’s three founders have built a center which serves critical needs in the vulnerable sector of Villas Agricolas.
    FAC has developed top-notch progr . . .amming to serve the full range of educational needs of the children that it serves.
  • The management of the program and its operations are well organized, with a highly professional staff.
  • The Fundacion Abriendo Camino offers a wide range of informal educational activities, designed to help children develop a variety of skills and intere . . .sts. It also offers complete programs in computer science and adult workshops.
  • Some of their strengths are: the services they provide for bringing kids to grade level, reading motivation, artistic activities, as well as the lect . . .ures they offer on awareness and prevention of early pregnancy and abuse in the community. These are very valuable in the neighborhood that they serve, especially to the most vulnerable.

More Expert Comments

  • It would be wonderful if they could replicate their programming in other vulnerable communities throughout the country.
  • The Fundacion Abriendo Camino needs more volunteers so it can offer additional workshops and programs.
  • Amplify their media relations.

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