Instituto Dominicano de Estudios Virológicos (IDEV)

El Instituto Dominicano de Estudios Virológicos (IDEV) is a Dominican non-profit organization which was originally founded to run clinical trials with new molecules for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). It has branched out to now include education, out-patient services, and special units for Men Having Sex with Men (MSM) and those not speaking Spanish. As stated in its name, it works with all viruses, especially HIV, hepatitis virus and papillomavirus. IDEV is among the units for comprehensive care which offers full HIV medicine through the National Program administered by the Dominican Ministry of Health.

General Information

  • Legal Name: Instituto Dominicano de Estudios Virológicos
  • Acronym: IDEV
  • Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
  • RNC/Tax ID No: 4-0150958-1
  • Geographic Areas: National Territory, Azua, Bahoruco, Barahona, Dajabón, Distrito Nacional, Duarte, El Seibo, Elías Piña, Espaillat, Hato Mayor, Hermanas Mirabal, Independencia, La Altagracia, La Romana, La Vega, María Trinidad Sánchez, Monseñor Nouel, Monte Cristi, Monte Plata, Pedernales, Peravia, Puerto Plata, Samaná, San Cristóbal, San José de Ocoa, San Juan, San Pedro de Macorís, Sánchez Ramírez, Santiago, Santiago Rodríguez, Santo Domingo, Valverde
  • Theme Areas: Children and Youth, Community Development, Conflict/Disaster Relief, Corporate Social Responsibility, Education, Gender, Health, Human Development, Human Rights
  • Quantity and Type of Beneficiaries:

    People with HIV and other viral illnesses, those seeking information about viral illnesses and those exposed seeking preventive measures.

The Team

Management Team:

Dr. Ellen Koenig, Director
Dr. Carlos Adon, Sub-director
Ms. Clara Aponte, Administrator
Ms. Olga Rodriguez, Regulatory Director

Board Members:

Institutional Bioethics Committee:

Marcial Guzmán, President

Franklin Méndez, Vice President

Gladys Cruz, Secretary

Eulogia Vargas, Vocal

Epifania Candelario, Vocal

Victoria de González, Vocal

Laurín De La Paz, Vocal

Delmont Spencer, Vocal (without vote, only argument and motion)

Franklin Grullón, Commissary (without vote, only argument and motion)

Ellen Koenig, Medical Advisor (without vote, only argument and motion)

Carlos Adón, Medical Advisor (without vote, only argument and motion)

Contact Information

  • Telephone: (809) 535-2220
  • Email:
  • Address:

    Calle Dr.Pineyro #211, Zona Universitaria
    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  • Website:
  • Social Networks: Facebook

Contact Person

  • Name: Dr. Ellen Koenig
  • Position: Medical Director
  • Telephone: (809) 224-0019
  • Email:


  • Type of Organization: Non-Profit Organization
  • International Affiliations:
  • Years of Operation: 20 years since founded
  • Number of Employees: 37
  • Number of Members: 7
  • Number of Volunteers:

    This number varies, but in a year about 10 people plus student volunteers

  • Sources of Funding:

    Clinical trials
    Recuperation charge (minimum)

  • Products/Services:

    Treatment of viral diseases, clinical trials, pre and post exposure prophylaxis for HIV

    Distribution of free medicine to individuals living with HIV

  • Total Income: IDEV operated at a deficit
  • Total Expenses: About RD $24 million


MISSION: To Provide comprehensive health services, continuing education, clinical research and scientific rigor of quality, equity, opportunity, warmth, and adherence to ethical principles to those individuals living with HIV / AIDS and other viral diseases, emphasizing the lower-income population groups.

VISION: Leader in research and clinical management of HIV / AIDS, national reference for health workers and the community, with population coverage of the demand for care and access to treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Primary Programs and Projects

• Out-patient clinic

• Clinical trials for HIV medicines and vaccines

• Defining prevalence of HIV in Dominican drug users

• Offering medical assistance to stigmatized groups such as MSM and those groups that do not speak Spanish (a group that is mainly Haitian immigrants)

• Distribution of free medicine to individuals living with HIV

Expert Comments

We ask each of our experts to recommend five entities in their area(s) of expertise which have had a positive impact. Below please find comments from our experts who have recommended this entity.

  • IDEV is a pioneer in the provision of HIV care in the Dominican Republic.

More Expert Comments

  • Dr. Ellen Koenig, IDEV’s founder and executive director, is a leader in the provision of HIV care in the Dominican Republic. She is an invaluable r . . .esource for all those working in the field of HIV.
    IDEV provides excellent training to young doctors and other medical professionals.
    IDEV has a very strong HIV/AIDS research and clinical studies program.
  • One strength of IDEV is the efficient work that the clinic is accomplishing through AIDS prevention campaigns, the treatment of the same, prophylaxes . . .and direct follow up with patients.

More Expert Comments

  • IDEV could greatly benefit from additional funding to expand its programs.
    IDEV could consider broadening the base of medical services that it provide . . .s so that it can generate revenue and thus be more self-sustaining. The offering of other general medical services would also alleviate some of the stigma attached to those patients with HIV.

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