Below please find Classified Ad listings for those entities seeking or offering donations in the Dominican Republic, whether they be for goods, services or financial assistance. If you are interested, please feel free to contact them directly for more information.


Image Registration Date Type Of Classified Title Item Entity

Apr-06-2017 Donation Computers for Recording Technology Studio Want FMS

Apr-06-2017 Donation Classroom Items Want FMS

Mar-23-2017 Donation Computers and Help with Internet Want FAC

Mar-10-2017 Donation Playground Equipment Needed Want La Merced

Mar-10-2017 Donation Office Furniture and Supplies Needed Want La Merced

Mar-10-2017 Donation Barber Shop Equipment Needed for INFOTEP Class Want La Merced

Feb-14-2017 Donation Homework and Study Room Want Fundación ENED

Feb-14-2017 Donation New Home Want Fundación ENED

Feb-13-2017 Donation Expansion of Home Want MADELAES

Feb-13-2017 Donation van or Mini-Bus Want MADELAES