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Image Registration Date Type Of Classified Title Item Entity

Mar-10-2017 Donation Playground Equipment Needed Want La Merced

Mar-10-2017 Donation Office Furniture and Supplies Needed Want La Merced

Mar-10-2017 Donation Barber Shop Equipment Needed for INFOTEP Class Want La Merced

Mar-08-2017 Volunteers Volunteers for Homework Workshop Want La Merced

Feb-25-2017 Volunteers Volunteers Needed for GIve My LIfe Color Walk Want FMUPA

Feb-20-2017 Other Strategic Alliances through Friends of EDUCA Offer EDUCA

Feb-14-2017 Donation Homework and Study Room Want Fundación ENED

Feb-14-2017 Donation New Home Want Fundación ENED

Feb-13-2017 Donation Expansion of Home Want MADELAES

Feb-13-2017 Donation van or Mini-Bus Want MADELAES